Treatment plant and waste management


bioco1We are a Company dedicated to the management of organic and non-hazardous waste and of Sandach (Spanish acronym for Animal by-products not intended for human consumption) from II and III category within composting treatment base on our innovative technology.

In the Company, for the accomplishment of environmental objectives, the treatment of waste generated suppose every day a bigger challenge.

In BICOE, we know this problem and with innovative technologies for the waste treatment, we reach to get a resource from it. We collaborate to line up the environmental goals with economic purposes in a sustainable way.

BICOE has the capacity for 80.000 tons/year treatment and it may be the biggest private plant in Europe. It takes up more than 67.000 m2 of which 40.000 m2 are concrete surface area offering the best environmental guarantee.

We collaborate with the best brands, leaders in their different sectors such as: dairy sector, meat, agro-feeding, industrial, etc. as for different public administrations. Clients have trusted in our company and this will help us to become a reference achieving the most demanding environmental regulations.