Treatment plant and waste management

EnergyGreen Group

cuadro-energygreengroupBICOE, is an investing Company of the EnergyGreen Group.

The Group is formed by this next companies:

  • BIOCOMPOSTING TECHNOLOGY: Advanced solutions for waste composting to make compost.
  • BIDATEK: Advanced solutions for sewage waste water purification as much industrial as urban. See more
  • BIOGAS HOCHREITER: Advanced solutions for the anaerobic digestion of waste to make biogas. See more
  • DEPUROXI: Solutions for the effluents with high charges of contaminants (digestate, slurry, etc.) through an electroxidation technology. See more

EnergyGreen Group, presents to BICOE clients waste treatment solutions, new resources and tools that suppose a wider range of products and services offered to our clients.